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Watch American League vs National League free live streaming online tv channel. The American League and the National League are considered the major baseball leagues in the U.S. today in 30 cities and famous host city of the united states.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011 02:00 GMT
MLB All Star Game 2011
Like most prevalent sports played in America, baseball is divided into foremost conferences. These major baseball leagues are not other than American League and National League. Sure, they’re both baseball but there is a remarkable difference in the rules directing the game. But more than such disparity, far-reaching dissimilarities are also apparent in the playing style, tenure, popularity and influence in American baseball.

With a disparity on that single rule, AL and NL playing styles differed altogether. The NL turned out to be more oriented in pitching with stronger highlight on offensive running. The AL, on one hand, focuses on the home run and highly depends on power overall. Furthermore, NL players are put in a batting rotation while, as mentioned, AL maintains a designated hitter that stands in for pitchers in the rotation. American League vs National League Baseball USA-MLB. Go to....channeltv.

The striking difference between the two would be in the dedicated hitter or DH rule. AL maintains a dedicated hitter that bats in place of the pitcher in rotation, while NL requires the pitcher in the rotation to also do the batting. AL is focused on power and homeruns while NL on pitching and offensive running.


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